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observations on life

March 3, 2010

Ok, so the title is a way deeper than what is actually in the post. Not to fear….

I’m finally getting some time to sit down and collect my thoughts after a whirlwind of a weekend in Tennessee, where I was invited to speak at a conference for young women college students. Tim and I left after work Thursday and made it to Tennessee at 4:30 am (whew!) and hit the ground running from there until we made it back here to DC Sunday night. The conference was fantastic. And we loved seeing some of our closest friends.

Here are some of my observations from the “life after college” themed conference…some serious, and some not so serious:

– You will forever and always ask the question “What am I supposed to do next with my life?” I remember thinking when I was a senior in college that once I figured out what I was doing immediately after graduation, I’d be all set and the path of life would be that much simpler. So Not True. After this weekend, I realized that I am asking myself the very same questions as these girls – only with a few years of experience under my belt. I suppose I’ll be asking the same question when I’m 50.

– Is it me or do college students dress so much better than we did a few years ago?? These girls looked so cute + stylish in their leggings, belts and sassy hair cuts. My usual college outfit was a t-shirt, jeans, flip flops, and hair pulled back in a messy bun…

– One of my mantras is: Whatever you do in life, give it 110%. And my sorority’s alumni association that hosted the event totally lived up to this statement. The conference was so chic + inviting. I was super impressed by the quality of decoration, design and work that went into the conference. I promise to give you a peek as soon as I find some photos.

And, a big thanks to you for putting up with sparse posts while I was away at the conference. Mucho appreciato.

{photo from audl via kellymccaleb}

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