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weekend wear :: sustainable part 1

June 30, 2010

Get excited – it’s our first ever weekend wear for guys! I really wanted to put together a weekend wear on sustainable clothing…but sustainable clothing that is still fashionable, and stuff you would actually like to wear. I reached out to my brother-in-law, Stephen, who is one of my go-to’s on eco-friendly lifestyle and asked him if he would put together a sustainable outfit.

Well, just call him Sustainable Steve, because he put together not one, but two, rockin’ sustainable outfits. One for the guys and one for girls (check back tomorrow for part 2). He’s even given us a little background on socially responsible clothing.

So, without further ado – I’m happy to introduce you to Sustainable Steve:


Sneak a peek towards the break room television during morning business hours and you’re more than likely to see the bold, vibrantly colored soccer jerseys darting across the field on the backs of competitors in the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Whether you know it or not, these football kits were constructed with 13 million discarded water bottles found in landfills worldwide. Don’t ask me how they did it but they did.

Off the pitch, socially responsible clothing has broken into the market giving consumers the option to dress more responsibly for any occasion. Given the challenge to select an eco-friendly outfit for an event in the L.A. area, I offer two ensembles to hang in your closet.

With the apparel selected I recognize that no product is great for the planet, but some are better than others. If you must consume, please do it responsibly.

Keep in mind sustainability can refer to any or all of the following things:
– 100% Organic materials without exposure to pesticides
– Upcycled or reused materials
– Second-hand clothing
– Vegan
– Locally produced

1. 100% cotton blue shirt
2. polka dot neck tie
3. antique pocket watch
4. organic denim
5. wallet made out of old uniforms
6. vegan TOMS
7. refurbished wood cufflinks
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  1. jannagould permalink
    July 1, 2010 1:43 pm

    love this!


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