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california part 2: TCHO chocolate

October 23, 2012

We’ve been buying bars of TCHO  chocolate from Cheesetique for a long time. I always pick the “citrus” flavor – I like citrus, but I also like the yellow package.

I don’t know how many bites of dark chocolate we had before we found out that we are friends with the TCHO Chief Chocolate Maker’s brother! We were stoked to learn this and even more stoked to learn that the TCHO chocolate factory is in San Francisco. So, we made plans to tour the chocolate factory while we were there and meet Brad. We’re pretty sure he has one of the coolest and best-smelling jobs ever.

We like TCHO because it’s really great chocolate, but also because the company values two concepts that we love: innovation & making a better world.

You can read all about it here. How they don’t add anything to the chocolate to get the flavors (it’s all in the way they choose the cacao). How they partner directly with growers so that the growers actually get to taste what their cacao plants make. It’s pretty awesome.

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